Best Nightlife Areas to Stay in Bangkok

All are Best Nightlife Areas to Stay in Bangkok. Bangkok is a growing ocean city with a lot to offer for all ages. But one of Bangkok’s most popular past times (for the elderly) is exploring the warm nightlife districts located in several parts of this foreign city. Bangkok’s Nightlife is not just a go bar and naughty massage parlor, it’s a city where you can find some of the best clubs, beer gardens and some of the best rooftop bars in the world to watch the sun go down, along with your favorite drink.

For starters, Sukhumvit Road runs towards Soi 1 Sukhumvit is a popular road to the right of central Bangkok, a soi is essentially a lane and in this case, Soi is full of 11 bars and clubs, most often by foreign and local intermediary Thai. Some of the most popular clubs here are the Q Bar and the Bad Supper Club. Both clubs are top-notch and having a foot in anyone will give you the feeling that you’ve been transferred to some of the best clubs in New York City. Best Nightlife Areas to Stay in Bangkok.

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Another great option is to travel to the commercial district of Salem. Day by day it is a ruthless neighbor with paid men and women rushing to their desks. At night, Silam Patpong lights the bright lights of the Red Light District. Seed Go-Go Bar is a cluster of excellent Irish beer bars to serve some of the best live music venues, as well as familiar European grub dishes.

Bangkok has many great bars and clubs even within hotels. For example, the Ambassador Hotel places a climax club just above the basement. Live music and choreographers are always available to locals and tourists at the Heatay and Novotel Hotel in Siam Square where you will find the CM2 Club, there is also a huge dance floor in the hotel basement which is always popular with the local Thais.

For real treats visit the Lebua State Tower Hotel near the river. Go all the way to the top and you will find the Sky Bar and there you will find a breath while visiting Bangkok as the smooth beats flow through the air. Best Nightlife Areas to Stay in Bangkok.

Most of Bangkok’s hottest nightlife establishments are located in the center of the city and are very easy to reach and definitely worth a visit whenever you are in a land of laughter.

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