Guide To Dog Friendly Hotels For The Pampered Pooch

In France, small dogs have always been spoiled and adopted almost everywhere where their owner goes. Now, this can be extended to cities around the world, and this is especially true for top-class hotels in the market.

There are two main reasons for this. More and more customers want their dog to be with them to maximize their enjoyment of the vacation. This is a huge market – about 62 million people in America own dogs, and 29 million of them take their dogs with them when they travel. Another factor is that many owners feel guilty when putting their dogs in the kennel. All of this reflects how dogs are now perceived as part of the family, and not just as a pet.


A survey conducted on behalf of the hotel chain yielded some unexpected results. 76% of respondents said they would be more loyal to a hotel chain that was willing to accommodate their dogs – even if they did not bring their dog on vacation! 16% admitted that at one point or another they smuggled their dog into a hotel where pets were not allowed!


Most dog-friendly hotels offer products such as food and water. Others add nice touches, such as a gift upon arrival and personalized identification tags. The more expensive the hotel, the more luxury your dog can expect. You will be provided with toys, leashes and collars, scoops and even a video for your dog.

Dogs can now get fried chicken and steaks from Aberdeen Angus in the room. Some hotels offer dog food that has been developed with the help of a veterinarian – especially to help your dog deal with the stress of travel! The hotel concierge organizes dog walking and a nanny if you plan to spend time away from your dog. One of the most amazing things Pampered Pooch offers is the use of a “dog translator” so that guests can better communicate with their dogs!


If you go on a relaxing pedicure, your dog may lie next to you and have one too. In the hotel salons, it is more and more popular. Why not treat your pampered dog with some glare, glare or French weaving? Dental brushing and massages also offer.


1. Vancouver, British Columbia, Canada.

2. San Francisco, California

3. Chicago, Illinois

4. Boston, Massachusetts

5. Austin, Texas

6. Seattle, Washington

7. New York

8. Long Beach, Los Angeles

9. St. Louis, Missouri

10. Northern Virginia – Washington, DC


Here’s a quick overview of what your dog can get by staying at an elite hotel in the Big Apple:

1. Personalized 22ct Gold Plated Identification Tag

2. Spritz treatments for dog hair in the choice of aromatherapy fragrances

3. Luxurious bone-shaped dog pillow

4. Homemade cookies and treats for dogs

5. 300 sheets of thread on a special mattress for dogs

6 Room service for dogs offering snacks, snacks, and desserts

Hotels cannot control the weather, but they can make your dog’s life more bearable with a raincoat (waterproof, of course!), A leather jacket or if it’s cold, a cashmere sweater. It’s dog life


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